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Vision 愿景

To achieve unmatched competitiveness and establish ourselves as the foremost one-stop Mechanical & Electrical services company across the region, setting a benchmark for world class standards.

Core Values 核心价值

  • Can-do Attitude 竭尽所能的态度
  • Efficient And Innovative 高效创新的思维
  • Quickest Response Time 积极快捷的反应
  • Guaranteed Job Completion 保证竣工的承诺
  • Beneficial To Clients 客户优先的前提



History since 2007
Our Business and Activities
自2007 年 – 我们的历史,业务和活动

KAC Projects Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2007 and led by Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Professional Engineers in M&E consultancy, project management, and electrical supervising/ inspection services.

KAC Projects Sdn. Bhd. 成立于2007年,由机电(M&E)专业工程师领导,从事机电咨询、项目管理和电气监督/检查服务。

Kong & Associates Consultants
Kong & Associates Consultants
Kong & Associates Consultants

KAC is among the very few legal M&E consultancy firms that is registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) for both Mechanical and Electrical consultancy services.

With about 16 years of invaluable experiences, KAC has completed many projects in various sectors such as housing developments, industrial developments, factories, warehouses, high-rise and low-rise commercial/residential buildings, recreational centres, schools/ educational buildings, hospital/ healthcare buildings, non-profit organization buildings, agricultural, oversea projects and etc.



Besides our M&E project consultancy & management services, we also provide low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage power switching services and electrical services in testing, preventive maintenance, commissioning, fault investigation & rectification of electrical installation by our ST licensed competent person according to by-law.

We had expanded our services to provide Electrical Energy Management services by our Registered Electrical Energy Managers (REEM), who are registered under Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission).


此外,我们扩展了服务范围,由注册于Suruhanjaya Tenaga (能源委员会)的能源经理(REEM)提供能源审核服务。

We further expanded our services as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) licensed under Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission) to provide complete energy efficient related services such as supplying energy efficient devices and equipment, energy consultancy services, contract works, energy audit, design engineering, project financing, management of EPC contract, commissioning and services, operation and maintenance of equipment or energy-efficient installation and inspection of energy efficient improvement projects.

我们进一步扩大了服务范围,成为了Suruhanjaya Tenaga(能源委员会)授权的能源服务公司(ESCO),以提供完整的节能相关服务,例如: 提供节能器材和设备,能源咨询服务、合同工程、能源审计、设计工程、项目融资、EPC合同管理、调试和服务,设备的运营和维护或节能安装以及节能改进项目的检查。

We help our clients to value-engineer their electrical system and verify its performance and adequacy by carrying out Power System Studies such as load flow, short circuit, relay coordination and arc flash assessment in which the electrical network is modelled and simulated by computer software.


Our comprehensive approach includes conducting a thorough Lighting Risk assessment to determine if our clients require any lightning protection measures to meet their legal obligation to ST. We also evaluate the extent of such measures in order to advise an optimal solution that saves our clients money by avoiding any unnecessary cost on the lightning protection system.



In addition, we have responded to the needs of providing green, clean, cost-saving and reliable energy service. Thus, KAC Energy Sdn Bhd was formed as a solar PV provider registered under SEDA Malaysia for the provision of engineering procurement, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the solar PV system (EPCC), which is supported by a group of Professional Engineers, SEDA GCPV Designers and SEDA Wireman & Chargeman.  


此外,我们积极响应政府的号召以提供节能,可靠的绿色环保能源服务。KAC Energy Sdn Bhd 由此诞生并注册成为大马永续能源发展机构(SEDA)下的太阳能技术和工程总承包服务,由一群专业工程师、设计师以及接线员在前线提供太阳能光伏系统工程采购、建造、安装、测试和调试服务。07YOUR TRUSTED SOLAR EXPERT



Project Consultancy, Solar EPCC, Electrical Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Team


Through the synergistic and integrated services that we offer as a one stop solutions provider, we are even qualified to carry out CAS (Connection Assessment Study) and PSS (Power System Study) for solar project(s) as we are a registered consultant appointed by TNB to conduct NEMAS (Net Energy Metering Assessment Study).
Our company has more than 73 staff comprising 2 ST competent electrical supervising engineers, 41 M&E engineers, 17 maintenance technicians, 8 designers, 5 HR administrators & account executives.


KAC Team
KAC M&E Consultancy & Project Team

KAC M&E Consultancy & Project Team

KAC Solar & Setting Team
KAC Solar & Setting Team